Guide to Making Charcoal from Sugarcane Bagasse

Sugarcane is an important cash crop grown across the globe in countries with warm and wet climates. Sugarcane is used extensively to produce food products, cosmetics and many other important products. It is the sugary juices that are extracted from the cane that are used extensively, but the fibrous byproduct, or sugarcane bagasse can be transformed into a potent fuel for a variety of uses.

Making charcoal from sugarcane is actually a fairly straightforward process that can be accomplished with the most rudimentary tools. The following article will explain how to create charcoal briquettes from sugarcane bagasse inside a simple 50-gallon metal drum.

Beston Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine

A Simple Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Manufacturing Plant

The following instructions will illustrate the best practice for making charcoal from sugarcane bagasse. You will need the following items before beginning.

— 1 50 Gallon metal drum

— 4 to 8 bricks to keep the barrel off the ground and still level.

— Drill and ? inch bit

— 1 lid for the barrel fitted with a chimney.

— Thermal work gloves for handling hot metals.

You will need to prepare the barrel to become a kiln. To do this imagine there are three sections of drum: top, middle and bottom. Each section will need around 6 air intake holes which can be opened and shut to control the amount of air allowed into the waste carbonization furnace.

Once the drum has been prepared, you can fill the first bottom section with raw material. The sugarcane bagasse will need to dried to about 18% humidity or the energy required to make this transformation will be to great to justify the effort.

Leave a small section in the center of your bottom section of drum to begin a small fire with some dry sugarcane bagasse. Once the fire begins to spread and rise you can fill the remaining sections of the drum with more sugarcane bagasse. Don’t pack this down too tightly. Once the fire can be seen rising from the bagasse place the lid on the top of the drum and close all air vents except those at the bottom of the bagasse charcoal kiln.

As the carbonization begins to take effect the quantity of bagasse will diminish, you will need to add more raw material to the kiln to keep the air intake low and make the most quality carbon possible.

Beston Bagasse Charcoal Kiln
Beston Bagasse Charcoal Kiln

The carbonization will begin in the base of the barrel and work its way upward. It is important to be aware of what is happening so you can properly administer air intake as needed till the process has been completed.

Once the bagasse in the bottom section has been properly carbonized, the air vents will need to be shut in the first section and opened in the upper two sections. This will allow the fire to remain low and the bagasse in the upper two sections to begin turning to charcoal. You will continue adding more raw material as needed to keep the kiln full.

Once the middle section has become pure charcoal you can close the vents in this section and reopen those at the bottom section. When the top section has become carbonized, go ahead and close all vents and leave the kiln to cool for the next 8 hours.

The final product can then be shaped in top quality sugarcane bagasse briquettes.

The Process of Converting Wood into Charcoal

Charcoal can be obtained from wood or other biomass materials. Its raw material is burned under high temperatures to produce the carbon material (charcoal) which is used to produce energy. And we also need to know how the wood charcoal making plant works. The following is the process of turning wood into charcoal undergoes the following stages:

wood carbonization plant
Beston wood carbonization plant for Sale

Drying of the wood

The wood is fed into the carbonization furnace where it first undergoes thorough drying where in many instances the drying is done more than once to remove any traces of moisture in the wood.

Pyrolysis process

This is the key thermochemical stage in charcoal production. The dried wood is exposed to extremely high temperatures ranging from 200-300 degrees Celsius while ensuring that there is no oxygen by covering the wood with soil or bricks to prevent it from completely burning. The core aim of this process is to get rid of liquid and gaseous components in the wood leaving the wood to be rich in carbon.


The material from wood is passed through a water-cool conveyor to desulfurize the hot flue gas. The smoke and steam is later directed to the recycle water pool by the condenser.

End product

After drying, pyrolysis and the cooling processes, this final charcoal is obtained which is rich in carbon to upto 90% which is approximately twice the carbon content in coal.

Properties of charcoal

· Hard and brittle

· High amount of carbon of upto 90%

· Very minimal moisture content of about 5-15%

· It has a decolourisation component

Wood into Charcoal Machine
Wood into Charcoal Machine

Why you should consider using charcoal for energy production

·Charcoal is convenient for cooking as it produces no smoke while cooking thus rendering it user friendly.

·Due to its multiple small components, it provides adjustable heating capacity.

·Apart from providing energy, charcoal plays a key role the process of water purification as it decolorizes the water and gives it a natural taste.

·It saves on costs quite a great deal since it takes time before it burns down completely.

Significances of biomass carbonization plant

· This biomass carbonization plant impacts the environment positively as it produces carbon dioxide gas which is absorbed by the plants useful for photosynthesis with the aid of sunlight energy.

· This plant produces fossil fuel like oil and coal which plays a major role in energy production.

· Apart from charcoal production, this plant can also produce electricity as it contains 11,000MW renewable energy.

· Biomass carbonization plant also assists in environmental conservation since its by-product is from the waste products from living things which could pose negative impact to the environment through its emission.

Through this article, you get to understand what charcoal is, its process of production and the major importances of the process to the environment. It is highly economical as it saves on cost compared to other sources of energy which are expensive to purchase and maintain. Therefore, I highly recommend you to use charcoal as your source of energy. Get a quote from Beston Group.


Is Investing In Wood Carbonization Plant A Smart Idea

Are you looking at potential investments? If you are, you may want to consider investing in biochar production equipment, especially a wood charcoal machine. This sort of investment could provide a major return. Plants like this have the potential to be extremely profitable.

Biochar Machine to Ghana
Biochar Machine to Ghana

Here’s why you should consider investing money into a carbonisation plant.

The Initial Investment May Not Be All That High

Compared to other investments, the amount of money you’ll have to spend on carbonization plants may not be that high. You should be able to invest in something like this even if you don’t have a lot of funds to work with.

The charcoal making machine price isn’t terribly high, especially when compared to other potential investments. In addition, it won’t take that long for your investment to start paying out. If you don’t have a lot to spend, you should take these kinds of investments into consideration.

The Interest In Carbonization Plants Is Growing

While this is currently one of the more affordable investment options out there, that may not be the case in the future. People are showing a lot more interest in carbonization plants. As interest increases, the value of plants is also going to increase.

Now is the right time to jump on an investment like this. If you wait too long, this kind of investment might not be affordable anymore. If you invest your money now, you’ll be able to take advantage of this surge of interest.

Charcoal Making Plant in Turkey
Charcoal Making Plant in Turkey

These Plants Are Great For The Planet

Do you want to do more to protect the environment? If you are searching for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, then plants are something you are going to want to be looking at. Carbonization plants are very environmentally friendly.

When you invest in something like this, you’ll be getting more than a way to earn money. You’ll also be doing something that can protect the planet you live on. This kind of investment can help to ensure a brighter future for earth.

There Are Many Different Investment Options

There are different kinds of ways to invest in a wood chips charcoal making machine. You could purchase a plant outright. You could also invest in an existing plant. There are a lot of different ways to invest, which means there are a lot of options for you.

One of the things that makes these investments great is that you can consider a number of options. You can find the kind of investment that you want to make. If you want to get something specific from your investment, then you should be able to get that without any issues. You’ll be able to seek out a plant that offers everything you want.

Is investing in a carbonization plant of wood something that you want to do? If you’re looking at investment options, why not give this a closer look? As you can see, there are a lot of compelling reasons to make an investment like this one. Think about whether or not this is something that you’d like to do.

Important Advantages of Latest Wood Charcoal Producing Plant for Sale

Charcoal is a carbon substance got from the anaerobic burning of wood. Notwithstanding saving the measure of money spent on bringing in crude oil, charcoal burning and exchanging can be a method for winning everyday bread for individuals in the creating and underdeveloped countries. Here is the wood charcoal machine for you learn about.

Ever since thousands of years, wood charcoal has been in use for cooking purposes. Most people love to cook on a charcoal barbecue grill as it produces smokeless and long lasting fire. By burning wood in an atmosphere with low oxygen, the poisonous gasses and the moisture present in the fuel are eliminated. This process reduces the fuel weight and induces the charcoal to burn for a longer period.

Latest Wood Charcoal Producing Plant for Sale
Latest Wood Charcoal Producing Plant for Sale

Charcoal is widely used for various applications. It is used to smelt copper and iron. It is also used in most of the domestic kitchens to cook food. With the invention of a charcoal briquette, more people began to use this mode getting from Beston Company for commercial and residential cooking purposes. However, natural lump charcoals are considered to be far better than briquettes. There are many reasons to substantiate it, and some of the most important reasons include the following.

Some important advantages of latest charcoal making equipment for sale

Healthier: One of the main advantages of using latest charcoal is that it seldom emits any odor, unlike the briquettes which contain additives. The odors of the additive found in briquettes can alter the taste of food. Food tastes delicious when it is cooked in a natural way.

Natural: Briquettes contain various types of chemicals which are manufactured with the by-products of carbonized wood. Briquettes contain addictives which facilitate in an easy and quick burning of fuels. It also burns consistently and produces a constant flame.

charcoal making equipment
Wood chips charcoal making equipment for sale

Easy to Clean And Maintain: Natural lump charcoal is easy to clean as it seldom produces ash like the briquettes.

Easy to Light And Use: Natural charcoal is quite easy to light and use compared to the latest briquette.

Better Temperature Control: It is easy to adjust and control the cooking time. It burns at various temperatures and rates as required by the user which is considered to be an added advantage of using natural products. Latest charcoal production plants are highly responsive to oxygen, and therefore it is easy to control the temperature of the fire. Most of the grills have adjustable vents which facilitate easy adjustability of the air.

Quick Cooking: Latest wood charcoal plant enables quick cooking which is one of its most attractive features. It is quite difficult to find such features in other cooking options.

Hotter Option: Another attractive feature of latest wood charcoal producing plant for sale is that it offers better heating capacity compared to the other types of cooking devices such as gas grills. It offers a grilling temperature of more than 600 degrees F which helps to impart delicious flavors and odor. The majority of the steak houses use more heat to grill steaks and other edibles.

Today wood charcoal can be bought through online stores too at various forms and prices: It can be used to heat and cook food. Apart from these basic uses, it can also be used as air fresheners. It also helps to keep tools rust free. It is used extensively for automotive and industrial purposes too. Other important uses include water filtration, eliminating offensive taste present in water and so forth.

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