Ultimate Guide On Selecting A Single Girder Gantry Crane

One of the most common gantry cranes that is ordered today are those that have a single girder. In this industry, double girder gantry cranes are typically reserved for cranes that must lift hundreds of tons. If you are in an industry where you are not lifting that amount of weight, you will likely get one that has a single girder. The reason for ordering one will be different for you than it will be some other company. Additionally, the type of gantry crane that you get that has this one girder will be dependent upon the type of merchandise you are moving. Here are guidelines and reference website (https://weihuagantrycranes.kz/kupit-odnobalochnyy-kozlovoy-kran-tsena/) on how to choose the best single girder for your business.

single beam gantry crane form China
single beam gantry crane

What Types Of Gantry Cranes Exist Today?

When you go to a website where they are selling these cranes (краны грузоподъемные), you will see that there are many different types. There will be single and double girder gantry cranes, truss and portable gantry cranes, and those that have cantilevers. The most powerful ones will include cantilever gantry cranes, as well as rubber tired and rail mounted gantry cranes as well. These are the ones that will typically have double girders, whereas all of the rest will have single girders because they are not expected to lift that much weight.

How To Get Good Deals On These Gantry Cranes

By comparing the products offered by these manufacturers of gantry cranes, you will quickly see that there may be a large price difference between all of the companies. This is readily apparent when you are looking at overseas companies compared to those that might be close to your area. People are apprehensive, in some cases, of ordering them overseas. They will be worried about tariffs, taxes, and the cost of shipping. It is because they will be at a much lower price that, even when all of these fees are combined, you are still going to save money. By obtaining one in China, or a similar country that manufactures these, this is how you can save the most money.

Selecting A Single Girder Gantry Crane
Ultimate Guide On Selecting A Single Girder Gantry Crane

How To Select The Best One For Your Business

There are just a few factors to consider as you are selecting one of these single girder gantry cranes. First of all, think about the products that you are shipping daily. If they are relatively small, and you are doing most of this indoors, then you will want a single girder indoor gantry crane. If you have products that you are moving, such as containers that are much heavier, a semi gantry crane, or an outdoor gantry crane, will be the best choices for your business.

By using these tips, you can ultimately choose the best gantry crane for your particular company. Always consider the merchandise that you are moving, and how much it weighs, before you make your decision. Also factor in whether or not it is indoors or outdoors, and how much weight you will be lifting each time. This will help you configure the gantry crane when you place your order according to the loading capacity, lifting height, and all of those other parameters.

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