The Superior Advantages Of New Concrete Mixer Truck

Construction project managers are aware that manual mixing is a recipe for poor quality, nonuniform concrete mix compositions and slow production hence delayed project completion times. A new concrete mixer truck is the best option for quality concrete, reduced production time and for saving on labor costs. The initial costs of the new concrete mixer trucks for sale are higher but you are guaranteed to recoup your investment more quickly by achieving higher production rates.

Currently, there has been an influx of cheap second hand mixer trucks in the market. Many construction sector players are enticed by these cheap trucks but they come at the cost of poor concrete and reduced production. A new concrete truck mixer for sale is used to deliver ready mix concrete to construction sites. Mixing usually happens as transportation is going on as the mixing device is usually a rotating drum mounted on a chassis.

new concrete mixer truck
new concrete mixer truck

The advantages of new concrete mixer truck are;

A new concrete mixer truck can be highly effective due to its capability to produce a substantially higher amount of concrete that is uniform and in a steady manner. New concrete mixer trucks offer round the clock production with no down time as there are no unnecessary breaks or equipment failures. This makes them highly suitable for emergency projects that have tight deadlines. Quicker completion is also guaranteed as a new useful agitator truck for sale can carry its own materials such as sand, cement and perform mixing during transportation leading to improved production time.

In terms of the quality of the mix new trucks provide you with dynamic control over the mix type that you desire. These trucks and mini concrete truck for sale provide great flexibility in terms of the production of concrete mixes based on the user requirements. Similarly, if set up correctly the new mixer allows for greater uniformity and consistent standards of the concrete being produced over time. These new mixers also come with the ability to do various speciality mixes concurrently.

concrete transit mixer
concrete transit mixer

Another advantage of new mini concrete transit mixer is cost savings achieved by construction companies as you do not have to store construction materials such as water, cement and aggregates like coarse gravel, crushed rocks, sand etc. A consequence of this is usually further cost savings as you do not require heavy machinery such as power shovels to move and manage the materials around the site. This also allows for better management of the site space and helps in improving site safety.

Environmental concerns are also addressed by the use of the new concrete mixer as there is no dust powder flying all over the site. Production is done in a pollution free way that guarantees environmental sustainability over the long term. In addition reduced noise pollution ensures construction happens in a conducive environment. If you want to get more information about concrete mixer truck price, you can check more:

The advantages of new concrete mixer truck are evident with higher production rates of concrete, cost savings on site expenses and environmentally friendly concrete production. Construction companies that would like to improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve higher returns on investment are highly advised to buy a new concrete mixer truck.

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